Nourish: Green Juice

Two summers ago, our family joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in Chicago. Every Friday, a box would arrive at at our door packed with a variety of seasonal veggies (some of which required quite a bit of creativity to use!). I tried to incorporate as many vegetables as possible into our meals, but even with my best efforts, by Thursday night we were cleaning our refrigerator to make room for the next box.

And then I got a juicer! All of a sudden, our Thursday night vegetable purge was a thing of the past. All of those beautiful leafy greens that would wilt by week’s end? Into the juicer! Kale? A no brainer . . . . into the juicer it goes! Lemon? Yes! Green Apples? Of course! Ginger? In moderation. You can overdo that one.

Since that summer, I regularly make a green juice to kick start my day. It’s easy to do, and gives you a nutritional pep–one that even the best cup of coffee can’t compete with. Daily green juice does amazing things for you. Packed with chlorophyll, it lowers the acidity in your body, balances your pH and simply makes you feel amazing.

Morning Green Juice

6 large Kale Leaves

1 inch piece of Ginger (unpeeled)

1 lemon (I find it easier to cut the rind off the lemon rather than peel it)

1 cucumber (unpeeled)

1 green apple (cut into large pieces)

A note on Juicers: Most juicers  are centrifugal juicers which means that the juicer spins at high speeds as the vegetables are pushed down a shoot and then ground into a pulp. The spinning motion separates the juice from the pulp and then pours into the container. Heat is produced during the spinning which can diminish the enzymes in the juice and speed up the oxidation process, so it is best to drink your juice immediately so you reap the benefits of all those wonderful nutrients. I currently use a centrifugal juicer by Breville.

The Norwalk Juicer creates juice by pressing the pulp. This process involves no heat and is incredibly effective at extracting the juice from the pulp. With a Norwalk Juicer, juice may be refrigerated for three days as long as it is in a container where no air can enter. A mason jar works perfectly for this. Norwalk Juicers are incredible machines (and incredibly expensive). I have one and used it for a while, but I personally found it easier to use my Breville everyday.


  1. eblane658 says:

    Dear Cheri,

    I am sorry you have had such little juice come from your Kale when using your Breville. I am going to juice tomorrow using mine w/ kale and really measure the output I get so that I can write back a more informed reply, but I do use a lot more Kale or greens compared to the other veggies and probably get only an 1/8 cup (maybe a 1/4 cup but I think I am being too generous with that) of juice from the Kale. When I use my Norwalk. I get A LOT more juice from greens, but the cost of the juicer is majorly cost prohibitive so I do have a hard time recommending it. I will let you know what I find after my juice tomorrow and measure exactly how many leaves and how much juice it provides.

  2. Cheri says:

    My Breville juicer did not juice the kale. All of the kale got chopped and sent to the junk or trash bin on the juicer, I got less than 1/2 tsp of juice out of my kale? Kale, spinach, etc., were the primary greens I wanted to juice but get no juice out of them with the Breville. I then tried putting them in the Blentec blender; I got pureed and foamed kale :(.

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